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Shopping Day: Book Off.

Book Off San Diego.
Hello~ today I went to San Diego to Book Off for shopping.

[When I say today, I mean Monday 08/08/2016, when I wrote this]

            Book Off is a Japanese book store that sells second handed items, including books, manga, videogames, movies, cds, electronics, house items, etc. There several of these in japan, the main one is in Tokyo and is five stories.
Book Off Tokyo.
            In the US there are six Book Offs in California, one in New York, and two in Hawaii. The nearest one to me is in San Diego, and it’s not so near, after crossing the border is a two hours travel in public transportation.

This time I bought 8 items:

            1) The Golem’s Eye by Jonathan Stroud [$ 5 USD]. This one is the second book in the Bartimeus Trilogy, I already read the first one (in Spanish) so I wanted the second one in Spanish as well, but I couldn’t find it in the libraries of my city, so when I saw it and saw the price, I had to buy it. Five dollars and it’s hardcover, good deal.

            2) The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins [$3.50 USD]. That’s right, I haven’t read the Hunger Games trilogy yet, I want to read it, but for some reason I always end up buying other books instead of this one. There were a lot of copies of this book, but this one was the less damaged one.

            3) Anne of Green Gables by L.M Montgomery [$ 3 USD]. I’ve wanted to read this one for a long time, I watched some scenes of the series and it’s so cute. I haven’t had the chance of watching the full series yet, but I totally want to.

            4) xxxHolic Vol 6 by CLAMP [$6.50 USD]. xxxHolic is my favorite manga, and I really want to finish buying it to read it again, but right now I only have 5 volumes out of 19 :/ this was the most expensive book I bought today.

            5)どうしても触れたくない (Doushitemo furetakunai) by Yoneda Kou [$5USD]. I read this manga a long time ago when a friend lend it to me. The English version of this manga has two volumes, but in Japanese it’s only one. The English title is Not Touching At All.

            6) 晴れてボクたちは (Harete Bokutachi wa) by Yamamoto Kotetsuko [$5 USD]. Another BL manga I bought today. Yamamoto Kotetsuko is one of my favorite mangakas, I’ve liked almost all her mangas. She has a characteristic style and her stories are always funny. Today I found this one, the second volume of Chun Chun ga Chun [チュチュンがチュン ] (Tweeting Love Birds in English), and the second volume of ほんと野獣 [Honto Yajuu] (Like the Beast in English). In the end I chose this one because it’s only one volume. The English title of this manga is New Begginins.

            7) 神様始めました (Kamisama Hajimemashita) Vol 3 by Julietta Suzuki [$3 USD]. I already have the second volume, I bought that one to practice my Japanese and I decided I’ll try to keep buying them in Japanese. I wanted the first volume, but only found from volume 2 to volume 17 :/ The English title of this manga is Kamisama Kiss.

            8) Traces by the GazettE [$20 USD]. The most expensive item I bought today was this CD, but when I found it and checked the track list, I couldn’t leave it. It has my favorite songs by the GazettE. The CD is brand new and 100% original Japanese edition. When buying Japanese cds you have to be careful, there are a lot of exact replicas, and some sellers will sell them by the same price as the original cd.

            You can find a lot of different stuff in Book Off, books of different genres, books in English, Spanish and Japanese; mangas in Japanese, English and some in Korean; kpop cds, J-Music cds; anime in Japanese and English; movies in English and Japanese, once I found Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets in Japanese, the title is ハリーポッターと秘密の部屋 (Harry Potter to himitsu no heya) which translates to Harry Potter and the secret room. Today I even found a signed book, I don’t know who’s Nick, but he sold his book.
The signed book I found. Why did you sell it Nick?

            Most stuff is really cheap, but lately the store has reduced its number of animes and mangas, even books. It doesn’t surprise me though, you can sell your stuff there, but they give you too little money for your items, so a lot of people have stopped selling to them. Once I sold them two mangas, they costed around 6 USD each one, and they payed me 1 USD for each one.

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