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Seven Days - Tachibana Venio and Takarai Rihito [Review]

Title: Seven Days
Author: Tachibana Venio (Author), Takarai Rihito (Artist)
Genre: Shounen Ai, School life, Drama.
Publishing year: 2007
Volumes: 2

English Edition:
Price: Vol 1: $ 7.95 USD  Vol 2: $6.12 USD [Digital only]
Publisher: Digital Manga Publishing
Translator: Melissa Goldberg
Publishing year: 2011
Buy it: Vol 1. Vol 2  

Hello~ today I review one of my favorite shounen ai mangas… well, it is my favorite one. I read a lot of yaoi and shounen ai manga (in case you don’t know they’re about boy x boy relationships), so you will see a lot of reviews of that genre in this blog. If you don’t like that genre, or are not comfortable with it, I recommend you not to read this review.

Shino Yuzuru.
            This story is about two high school boys, Shino Yuzuro, a third year student, and Seryou Touji, a first year student. One Monday morning, Shino asks Seryou to go out with him at the school entrance. He asked him out as a joke, Seryou is well known to go out seven days with the first person that asks him on Monday, it doesn’t matter the gender. Seryou becomes the perfect boyfriend those seven days and in the end he always breaks up with the person in Sunday. Shino doesn’t take their relationship seriously… but that may change.

            This is one of the first mangas I read, and I still remember how excited I was while reading it the first time, it’s beautiful. Everything in this manga is beautiful, the characters design, the story, even the message: people fall in love with others because of their personalities, not for their faces.

            Shino Yuzuro has had several girlfriends, he is popular among girls because he’s attractive. Sadly, the girls get fooled by his pretty face and when he doesn’t fit what they imagined, they break up with him.

Seryou Touji.
     Seryou touji, thou one may think this routine of going out with someone for Sven days is a joke, for him it’s not. He takes it seriously and really wants to fall in love with someone in that week.

            Due to their personalities both characters complement each other. Shino doesn’t treat Seryou as he is used to be treated, and Seryou discovers Shino’s true personality, and likes it.

            The story is short, concise and sweet, but not cheesy. There’s some drama, but I’m glad it’s not the usual “I’m not gay” drama.
            If you are new in the world of yaoi manga, this is a must read. It’s a light read because it’s not yaoi (explicit), its shounen ai (soft yaoi) and it focuses in the romance only.

            It’s a good manga, with a light and sweet story, easy to read and with a pretty art style. I highly recommend it if you like this genre. :D

            As additional info, there is a live action movie of this manga, I haven’t watched it because I just recalled it. 

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