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Journal 3 - Rob Renzetti & Alex Hirsch [Review]

Title: Journal 3 [Gravity Falls]
Authors: Rob Renzetti, Alex Hirsch
Genre: Fantasy, Mistery, Paranormal.
Publishing year: 2016
Pages: 288
Buy it: Amazon
Rating: ★★★★

Hi! Today I share with you this mini review of Gravity Falls’ Journal 3. My brother and I watched the show together and we really liked it, so when I had the chance of buying it during Comic Con I did it, and it’s wonderful.

            The journal is hardcover and has a dust jacket. I saw some complaints on twitter about the Gravity Falls logo in the cover, but it is only in the dust jacket. If you remove it, on the inside you can see some blueprints of McGucket’s inventions. Here are some pictures of the journal with and without the dust jacket.

            This is one of the first pages, and a sticker with Alex Hirch’s autograph, at first I thought it was printed but it seems it’s a real autograph because it’s signed with a marker.

            The first part of the journal contains the notes or entries that Dipper finds in the journal, the same content we can see him consult in the series. 

            After those pages there are four blank pages and then the second part starts. It contains notes and entries written by Dipper and Mabel of their adventures in Gravity Falls. I think this wasn’t seen during the show; you can see in the picture below the contrast and can easily identify who wrote the entry.

            After that there are more blank pages and then SPOILER Stanford Pines starts writing in it again, his entries include his thoughts of other characters, and some others are about the worlds or dimensions he visited inside the portal.

            There are more blank pages and then more entries by Dipper, but those are written after the end of the series, and describe what happened during the fight with Bill,  and the last part has more entries about what happened with the characters.

            The book is great and beautiful. It’s big and you can appreciate perfectly each detail and read it clearly. It’s an exact replica of the one we see in the series, but with new and interesting content. If you liked Gravity Falls as much as me, you have to buy this journal, you’ll love it <3

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  1. Thanks for sharing it! It seems so nice. I loved the superhero pig drawing, seriously, it's so funny x'D