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[Event] My Experience at San Diego Comic Con 2016 / Saturday, July 23.

On Saturday July 23 I had the chance to attend the biggest pop culture convention in the United States, Comic con at San Diego convention center. I was super excited because the only time I attended before was in 2008, and the following years I couldn’t get a ticket until this year! The first time I attended I was looking for anime related stuff, but this year I looked for books related stuff. I made my schedule with the signings I wanted to attend, fewer that the ones I actually got.

            When I entered the exhibit hall the first thing I did was to go to the Fierce Reads booth for the signing of Marissa Meyer at 9:45 am. Few minutes before it started, the staff made us line up, I was the fourth person and we went with her in pairs. Marissa Meyer was super kind, she signed all my books of The Lunar Chronicles, the staff took me a pic with her, and she gave me a signed poster and sampler of Wiresand Nerve. Because I said I was from Mexico and I brought all my books, they told the staff to give me extra bookmarks because I was a “big fan”. I was afraid she wouldn’t sign all my books; I had read on internet that sometimes there is a limit of one or two books per person.
My Lunar Chronicles books signed <3

  After that I went to the booth of Mysterious Galaxy, next to the FierceReads one, to buy the book The Kissof Deception of Mary E. Pearson, because her signing was at 11:00 am. After buying it I wandered in the nearby booths, I bought Journal 3 of Gravity Falls, but I didn’t get the wristband for Alex Hirsch (Gravity Falls creator) signing. Anyways, the journal is wonderful and I love it.
Alex Hirsch during his signing session, and the Journal 3.

            I don’t exactly recall what I did next, or in what order, so I just tell what I did but not when.

            I went to an audiobook booth and they had a spinning wheel, I won color pencils, then I went to the Harper Collins spinning wheel and I won the book Like a River Glorious by Rae Carson. I also got the ARC of a book titled The Hike by Drew Margary, and the author signed it for me.

Like a River Glorious // The Hike, and the autograph in The Hike.

            I went to the signing of Mary E. Pearson at 11:00 am; she signed my book and gave me a signed poster of her upcoming book. At the Mysterious Galaxy booth there was another signing going on, it was Shanon Messenger, so I bought her book Keeper of the Lost Cities, and she signed it. At the Disney booth there was the signing of Eliza Wass, she was giving away her debut book, The CresswellPlot, and signing it.

            I think that the last thing I did before resting a bit was going to the Fierce Reads spinning wheel, I won two books, Gifted by H.ASwain, and Hellraisers, the first book of the trilogy The Devil’s Engine, by Alexander Gordon Smith.

            After all that I rested a bit and ate something. When I returned to the exhibit hall I bought the whole manga of Orange by Ichigo Takano (you can read my review here).

            I wandered through the anime booths, I found a k-pop one with signed CDs, but there wasn’t any of my interest. Then I returned to the Fierce Reads booth for the signing of Leigh Bardugo, so I bought her book Shadow and Bone, the first one in The Grisha trilogy. She signed my book and a poster of Crooked Kingdom, I also got a sampler of that book.

            After that I went to the Harper Collins booth for the signing of Victoria Aveyard, she signed a copy of Red Queen I had just bought. Then I went to Del Rey booth, Kevin Hearne was giving away and signing his book Hounend. After that I found a booth where they were giving away and erotic novel, Beautiful Player by Christina Lauren, and I kept walking and someone else gave me another book, it was Curse of the Boggin by D.J Machale. I walked away from the books section and I saw the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy from afar.

            The last thing I did before going home was to attend the second signing of Marissa Meyer at 5:00 pm, I was about to ask about it when people hurried to line up, so did I. The line was really long, I was two aisles away, and behind me there were a lot more people. I was afraid I wouldn’t get my copy of Heartless, but I was lucky, I got it, and Marissa signed it, and I also asked her to sign three bookmarks she sent me last year.

            In the end I was extremely tired with a lot of heavy books, my back hurts a lot… well almost my whole body hurts. I must say that although I couldn’t explore the whole exhibit hall, I’m really happy because I got the autographs I wanted… that were only four but I ended up with a lot more books signed. What truly made me my day were the autographs of Marissa Meyer, and that I got Heartless, those were my main goals of the day <3

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  1. Hey Tanya...I see u had such a good time there..good for u...Thanks for following my blog...A big hug! :)