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Project Terra: Crash Course #1 - Landry Q. Walker, Keith Zoo [Review]

Title: Project: Terra Crash Course #1
Author: Landry Q. Walker, Keith Zoo (Illustrator)
Genre: Science fiction, Middle Grade, Fiction
Publisher: Penguin Workshop
Publishing date: September 19th 2017
Pages: 221

Hello! Today I’m reviewing another middle grade book, Project Terra Crash Course.

This book follows the story of Elara Adele Vaughn, a girl who dreams to become a top planetary at the Seven Systems School of Terraforming Sciences and Arts. But for all her excitement, life at her new school is a lot tougher--and stranger--than she ever thought possible. Her roommate, Clare, is a mute, intergalactic sponge. A field trip almost ended in the belly of a monster. And no one at her new school knows what it's like to grow up on a planet so far away it's called "Nowhere." But if the galaxy's greatest terraformers made it through their first year, then so can Elara.

This book has a kind of generic storyline, a girl who tries to prove herself at school but turns
Cover of the sequel.
Pub date: Jun 05, 2018
out to be some kind of chosen one. Still, I found this story very imaginative because of the setting and world the author created.

The characters are diverse in race (aliens) and personality, this serves to give strong messages against discrimination, prejudice and bullying. Their differences make them complement each other. Elara is a good protagonist, determined, intelligent, skilled and friendly. She is capable of learning from her mistakes and to accept everyone, no matter how different they are from her, she is always curious and willing to help.

The story line is more focused on explain how this universe works, to get the reader accustomed to all the terminology and establish the setting. The first part works more as a slice of life, it’s on the second half that something big is discovered and a big mystery appears. The book has action, friendship, interesting setting and some humor.

I found this to be a light, fast paced and definitely entertaining read, complemented with cute illustrations. it’s  perfect for the audience its targeted to. 

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