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Event: Maggie Stiefvater signing at San Diego [All the Crooked Saints tour]

Hello! On Sunday October 15th I had the chance of attending the Maggie Stiefvater signing in San Diego, a stop of her All the Crooked Saints tour. This was a ticketed event and even thou I pre ordered the book two weeks before the event I was number 51 in line.

Maggie Stiefvater signing a book. 
The day was super hot and, as always, I was late, so couldn’t snatch a chair. When I arrived Maggie hadn’t started the event yet, so I picked up my copy of All the Crooked Saints, picked up a book plate and waited for the talk to start.

Maggie told us some background story about how All the Crooked Saints came to life. She loves traveling but doesn’t love traveling by plane because she always gets detained for second inspections, she believes they think she’s on drugs or does explosive devices. So for one of her tours she decided to travel by car only, one of her cars, from Virginia to California. Turns out, the car had a problem she didn’t fully address, and started failing on the road, shaking. In one of those multiple stops she ended up in the middle of nowhere in Colorado, a dessert land. In the small town she was at, while the only mechanic fixed the car, she talked with a counter Mexican middle aged woman, who after knowing Maggie writes paranormal stories for a living, shared with her some stories none believes.

Maggie said she feels her stories need a location, if there’s not location is as if they were incomplete. she already had an idea of what she wanted to write next, but until that day, she found the location, Colorado.

Then she started sharing some information about what All the Crooked Saints is about, and it is about the Soria family. All Sorias are saints and capable of making miracles. Wayward individuals find their way to the little town of Bicho Raro in search of a miracle that will change their lives, but the manifestations of these miracles are often not what they expect. Forbidden from interfering, the Sorias house these pilgrims until they can work through the curse of their darkness.

Maggie believes the form of her darkness would be her cars. At the end of her talk she said her darkest time was at the age of 16 when she was a suicidal teenager with OCD, and she’s still one of those things. At that age she decided to start taking college classes and every day she would play bagpipes for four hours, becoming the queen of nerds. After saying this she told us how one of her publishers treat her like a celebrity (I don’t remember the country, Bulgaria I think), they know everything about her, and every talent she had ever mentioned she had, they’ve made her do it, from drawing, playing the piano and the bagpipes. After that she played bagpipes for us!

Book plate + book without dust jacket. 

This was the end of her talk and the start of the signing. Number 50+ had to line outside in the blazing sun, but the line advanced fast so it wasn’t a long wait. We could get signed All the Crooked Saints and other 2 books, I chose The Scorpio Races and The Raven Boys.

When I had the chance to talk to her, I asked her about the polemic of the cultural appropriation some readers say All the crooked saints contains. She told me she is paying attention to that topic.

Maggie Stiefvater is a very clever and funny person, everyone was laughing and happy during the event, she has a natural talent for storytelling.

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