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Anne of Green Gables - L.M Montgomery [Review]

Title: Anne of Green Gables [Anne of Green Gables #1]
Author: L.M. Montgomery
Genre: Young Adult, Classics, Fiction
Publisher: Signet Classics
Publishing date: First published in 1908
Pages: 320

Hello! It’s been a while since my last review, I stopped writing because my computer started to fail, but now I’m finally able to write again. This time I’ll be reviewing a book that I’ve wanted to read for years and now I finally did it, Anne of Green Gables.

Anne of Green Gables follows the story of Anne Shirley, a 11 year old red haired girl that
Gilbert making fun of Anne's hair.
loves to read and daydream. She is accidentally adopted by the elderly Cuthbert siblings, Marilla and Matthew, they wanted a boy to help them in the farm, but by a mistake they end up with Anne. Marilla wanted to return her, but Matthew ends up captivated by her uniqueness and after much discussion they decide to let her stay at Green Gables in Avonlea. There is where Anne will live different adventures and experiences that will help her grow and learn from her mistakes.

First of all, I have to say that I just read this because I thought of it as a classic and I like to read those kind of books sometimes, I wasn’t expecting much of it because is like a slice of life type of book, but I was gladly surprised by it, I couldn’t stop reading it and I totally loved it.

Anne's reaction to Gilbert pulling her hair.
This book is full of diverse characters; they feel like real people and are interesting, lovable and unique. Anne is the most unique of them all, she is a strong girl, not like girls nowadays in YA novels that know how to fight or are supposed to be tough, but she has a strong will and spirit, she is
a very optimistic girl that tries to see the good in everyone and tries to be happy with the little things in life. She is intelligent, and wants to pursue a career for herself, even thou for the time most girls just wanted to get married.

Matthew is a sweet and shy man, he was the main reason Anne stayed in Avonlea, so I grew fond of him. Marilla is the strict counterpart, she always tries to seem strict with Anne to make her humble, and always complaints that Anne has an odd behavior, daydreams and talks too much, but still she grows attached to Anne and loves her deeply.

Anne has a best friend, Diana, they have a pretty good relationship despite being different from each other at the same time. Diana is more fashionable and talks more about boys, while Anne talks about books and imagination, but I truly love their friendship. And another main character that is definitely my favorite, is Gilbert Blythe. He made fun of Anne’s red hair once and since then she hated him, but he did that because he wanted to get her attention. Even thou Anne hates him and tries to compete with him at school, he never takes a grudge against her, and they have a healthy
Anne trying to ignore Gilbert.
competitive relationship. He supports her and sincerely congratulates her whom she archives something. He admires her intellect, not only her beauty. During the book he tries to make her forgive him, but she is too stubborn. He was always patient and caring with her, and to me, that made him adorable.

There is some sort of romance in the book between them, but is not the main focus on the book, the “romance” is subtle, with stares and few interactions, so it was slow but sweet.

The book has a simple plot, or not plot at all, each chapter is mostly auto conclusive and usually brings some lesson to Anne. The book starts with Anne being 11 and ends up when she is a teenager, During the way we see how Anne grows and changes slowly, although she changes a little over time, her spirit remains the same, she keeps being positive, cheerful and never gives up. Actually a lot of characters change because of her. Despite the simple storyline this book is full of emotions; it made me happy, cry, and swoon.

Anne of Green Gables is a book with a simple plot full of unique and lovable characters, if you want a book with a relaxed vibe and adorable characters; this is totally for you. Also, I highly recommend the Canadian movies based on these books, the ones staring Megan Follows, I watched them and totally fell in love with the story, and damn I love Gilbert.

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